Research Interests

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My research is focused on improving our understanding of the ocean general circulation and its role in the climate system. More specifically, study various processes that play primary roles in closure of the ocean meridional circulation (MOC).  

Some specific questions of interest and topics of active research are:

  • upwelling along sloped topographic features due to near-boundary turbulence,

  • lee-wave generation in the abyssal Southern Ocean due to interaction of eddies with bottom rough topography,

  • net effect of highly spatially and temporally variable turbulence in the deep ocean on net bulk mixing experienced by water masses and tracers, 

  • turbulence energetics within the context of downwelling in the deep ocean interior due to breaking of internal waves generated off the topographic features by tides and geostrophic motions,

  • lateral stirring and mixing by mesoscale eddies in the Southern Ocean, 

  • control of the Southern Ocean winds, eddies and air-sea buoyancy fluxes (in presence of sea-ice), in combination of  on the meridional overturning circulation and inter-basin exchanges of heat and tracers.

From a bigger picture perspective, following are few research directions in which I will build on the above to study the role of ocean in the climate system:

  • studying the combined role of  Southern Ocean dynamics and abyssal ocean mixing in ventilation of abyssal ocean through the polar regions. I am particularly interested in the role of the abyssal and deeper branches of MOC and their interconnection in global heat and carbon budgets,

  • role of enhanced collocated lateral and vertical mixing in the Southern Ocean hotspots in redistribution of the anthropogenic heat around Antarctica and its implications,

  • combined (and highly coupled) role of ocean stratification, bathymetry and turbulence in regulating the deep and abyssal ocean circulation. I am interested in particular interested in ocean and climate variability over millennial timescales ( Pleistocene epoch) as well as much longer time scale on which ocean bathymetry also changes (Cenozoic is of current interest).