Following is a categorization of the research within the group. Work on each topic relies on a combination of tools from theory, observations, computations and experiments.

Stratified Turbulence

Physics of density stratified turbulence within the ocean and atmosphere has been a primary topic of focus.

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Ocean-Climate Dynamics

Global ocean circulation and its role in the climate system is the focus here. Past, present and future climate changes are all of interest.

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Climate Change Mitigation

A recent but rapidly growing area of our activity is focused on carbon removal and climate change mitigation. We study the connection of science, policy and sustainable engineering in this regard. Ali was part of the Imperial College delegation at COP24, and subsequently joined forces with the Carbon Institute in San Diego, together leading a group project focused on Blue Carbon and deep ocean solutions to carbon sequestration.

Turbulence Modeling

Development of numerical tools underlying various topics in climate dynamics can be obscured at times. Here we showcase a few.

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Flows Past Jets and Islands

Some not so recent research was focused on turbulence breakdown of jets with engineering applications as well as flow over solid bodies. The work can be extended to studying volcanic and hydrothermal plumes as well as flow over islands. Potential student projects here.

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Areas of Expanding Interest

Some areas we hope to recruit in are seal level rise, ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions around Antarctica, and ocean pollution in connection with the oil and deep-sea mining industries.

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