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Under Review:

  • A. Mashayek, H. Salehipour, D. Bouffard, C.P. Caulfield, R. Ferrari, M. Nikurashin, W.R. Peltier and W.D. Smyth “Efficiency of Turbulent Mixing in Abyssal Ocean Ventilation”, Geophysical Research Letters, (2017-under review).

  • A. Mashayek, C.P. Caulfield and W.R. Peltier “The role of natural overturns in optimal mixing in density stratified mixing layers”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2016-under review).

  • D. Cavaglieri, A. Mashayek and T. Bewley “Tweed and box relaxation: improved smoothing algo- rithms for multigrid solution of elliptic PDEs on stretched structured grids”, Journal of Computa- tional Physics (2016-under review).

Published/In Press:

  • A. Mashayek, R. Ferrari, S. Merrifield, J. Ledwell, L. StLaurent, A. Naveira Garabato, “Topographic enhancement of vertical turbulent mixing in the Southern Ocean”, Nature Communications (2017- In Press).
  • R. Ferrari, A. Mashayek, N. Nikurashin, T. McDougall “Turning ocean mixing upside down”, Journal of Physical Oceanography, Apr 27.(2016).
  • A. Mashayek, A., R. Ferrari, M. Nikurashin, and W. R. Peltier. “Influence of enhanced abyssal di- apycnal mixing on stratification and the ocean overturning circulation.”, Journal of Physical Oceanog- raphy (2015), 45.10: 2580-2597.
  • H. Salehipour, W. R. Peltier, and A. Mashayek “Turbulent diapycnal mixing in stratified shear flows: the influence of Prandtl number on mixing efficiency and transition at high Reynolds number”, Jour- nal of Fluid Mechanics (2015): 773, 178-223.
  • M. Behzad, N. Ashgriz and A. Mashayek “Azimuthal shear instability of a liquid jet injected into a gaseous cross-flow”, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 767 (2015): 146-172.
  • A. Mashayek, C.P. Caulfield and W.R. Peltier “Time dependent, non-monotonic mixing in stratified turbulent shear flows: implications for oceanographic estimates of buoyancy flux” Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2013), vol. 736, pp. 570-593.
  • A. Mashayek, W.R. Peltier “Shear Induced Mixing in Geophysical Flows: Does the route to turbu- lence matter to its efficiency?” Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2013), 725, 216-261.
  • A. Mashayek, R. Ferrari, G. Vettoretti and W.R. Peltier, “The Role of the Geothermal Heat Flux in Driving the Abyssal Ocean Circulation”, Geophysical Research Letters, (2013), 40.12: 3144-3149.
  • A. Mashayek and W.R. Peltier “The ‘zoo’ of secondary instabilities precursory to stratified shear flow transition, Part 1: Shear aligned convection, pairing, and braid instabilities” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (2012).
  • A. Mashayek and W.R. Peltier “The ‘zoo’ of secondary instabilities precursory to stratified shear flow transition, Part 2: The influence of stratification” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (2012).
  • A. Mashayek and W. R. Peltier, “Turbulence transition in stratified atmospheric and oceanic shear flows: Reynolds and Prandtl number controls upon the mechanism,” Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L16612, (2011).
  • A. Mashayek W.R. Peltier “Three-dimensionalization of the stratified mixing layer at high Reynolds number,” Phys. Fluids 23, 111701, (2011).
  • A. Mashayek and N. Ashgriz, “A Model for the Deformation of Drops and Liquid Jets in Gaseous Cross Flows”, AIAA Journal, Vol. 47, No. 2, (2009).
  • A. Mashayek, A. Jafari, and N. Ashgriz, “ Improved Model for the Penetration of Liquid Jets in Sub- sonic Crossflows”, AIAA Journal, 00011452 vol.46 no.11, (2008).

Book Chapters:

  • A. Mashayek, “Mixing across the Antarctic Circumpolar current,” GFD summer school final report, GFD 2009 volume, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
  • A. Mashayek, N. Ashgriz, “Dynamics of liquid droplets,” Handbook of Aomization and Sprays, Springer (2011), Part 1, 97-123, DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-7264-4-4.
  • A. Mashayek, N. Ashgriz, “Atomization of a liquid jet in a subsonic crossflow,” Handbook of Atomization and Sprays, Springer (2011), Part 3, 657-683, DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-7264-4-29.


In Preparation:

  • A. Mashayek, In preparation for Nature Perspectives by invitation from editor. Title: ‘The role of ocean in regulating the global heat and carbon budgets’, Inviting Senior Editor, Dr Michael White, Senior Editor, Nature, San Francisco, ORCID iD 0000-0002-0238-8913.
  • A. Mashayek, C.P. Caulfield, M. Alford, R. Ferrari, L. Gostiaux, and A. Waterhouse, “Goldilocks Mixing in Wave Induced Turbulence”.
  • R. Ferrari and A. Mashayek “On Inference of vertical mixing rates from a tracer release experiment”. (title is just a place holder)

Publication Highlights:

  • Work discussed in Mashayek et al. Nature Comm 2017 and Ferrari & Mashayek et al. JPO 2015 were highlighted in Nature News in an article entitled: “Role of chaos in deep ocean turned upside down” (Feb - 2016).

  • Mashayek and Peltier JFM 2011a,b were highlighted in a ‘Focus on Fluids’ article in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, authored by S. Thorpe with the title “On the Kelvin-Helmholtz route to turbulence” (2012).
  • Mashayek and Peltier GRL 2011 was selected as Editor’s Highlight, published in ‘Research Spotlight’ on AGU’s website, in the EOS newsletter as well as on the cover of Geophysical Research Letters Volume 38 (2011).
  • Mashayek & Peltier POF 2011 appeared on the cover of Physics of Fluids Volume 23, (2011).